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真正美妙的探险!乘坐雪地摩托穿越冰岛冰 川广阔的雪野,再深入冰帽下面,穿过巨大的人工通道,探秘奇妙的地下冰世界。




Approx. 11 hours

In-bus-audio guide

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我们从雷克雅未克出发前往位于博尔加峡湾(Borgarfjörður)的胡萨菲尔(Húsafell) ,并由此登上朗格冰川(Langjökull),在冰川西部的Jaki基地开启雪地摩托之旅。在必要的着装和头盔都佩戴好后,导游将会讲解安全事项。然后,大家做好准备,开始驾驶雪地摩托,行驶在冰川广阔的雪野,惊叹于不可思议的雪原荒野。







  • 雷克雅未克免费酒店接车
  • 有经验的当地导游
  • 1小时雪地摩托
  • 雪地摩托装备(头盔、手套、雪地服
  • 1小时冰洞游
  • 冰洞和地热泳池门票
  •  车上语音向导,多种语言选择
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Tour Highlights


Barnafossar is a waterfall in Western Iceland, falling into Hvítá River in Borgarfjörður. Barnafossar burst out of Hallmundarhraun, a massive lava plain. Once there was a natural bridge over the waterfall. Two children from a nearby farm died crossing the river. Later, the mother had the bridge destroyed.


Húsafell is a farm and church estate. It is the innermost farm in Borgarfjörður, not far from Reykholt. Húsafell is a hub of various type of tourist visiting, with a swimming pool, golf course, a multitude of lakes. Húsafell is a unique natural gem in a magnificent landscape and an active birdlife.

Ice Cave of Langjökull

Into the Glacier offers various tours to Iceland‘s most significant new attraction, the man made ice cave. Inside the glacier, you will hear interesting information on the glacier, glacial exploration and research, and global warming. The walls inside the cave are led lighted.


Hraunfossar are several waterfalls in Borgarfjörður, western Iceland. They flow out of Hallmundarhraun, a lava field which flowed from a eruption from one of the volcanoes resting underneath Langjökull. The waterfalls stream into Hvítá. Just up stream there is the waterfall Barnafossar.


Langjökull Glacier is the second biggest glacier in Iceland. Langjökull is the home of the unique glacier cave and a paradise for snowmobile and super-jeep lovers. Its volume is 195 km³ and the ice is up to 580 m (1,900 ft) thick. The highest point of the ice cap is about 1,450 m (4,760 ft) above sea level.

Lava Fields

Lava fields, also known as lava plains or lava beds. are large and, barring any encroaching moss growth, barren expanses of ragged basalt lava flows whose molten march was long since halted by the forces of a flat ground. These fields often go on for miles, but geologists prefer to measure them in cubic kilometers.

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"We took three tours"

We took the Norther Lights, Golden Circle and South Coast Tours. All were great! It’s easy, convienient and th3 guides are knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend .

- bschelle, April 2018


Having carefully researched and read the reviews of this trip, we booked and were so glad we did. The tour was well structured with plenty of time at each attraction (45 mins to 1hr at each). There were also refreshment and comfort breaks along the way. The coaches were very comfortable with WiFi and a USB charger point at each seat. The guide was friendly and knowledgeable and definitely enhanced the experience.

- RuthAOwen, April 2018

"An amazing experience!"

From pick up from our hotel to being dropped back at our hotel around 8 hours later, we had the most fabulous Iceland experience. Our tour guide was excellent, funny and engaging throughout...not overbearing but gave us all we needed. You get an interactive tablet (so bring headphones) that had a map and information as you drove along- excellent way of getting information as you could choose from a wide variety of languages. The map was GPS linked so as you drove the tablet automatically started to tell you information relevant to your position on the tour.

- JulieAlana, April 2018