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黄金圈游(Golden Circle Tour)在上午进行,在开始北极光(Northern Lights)之旅前有3-6小时的空闲,可以进行晚餐或参加我们的“干杯,雷克雅未克”(Cheers to Reykjavik)旅游活动。

黄金圈游包括了冰岛最有标志性的自然奇观:位于美洲板块与欧亚板块分离处的辛格维特利尔国家公园(Þingvellir National Park)、地热水和水蒸气一飞冲天的地热喷泉(Gersey)以及冰川河从32米高处冲向底部山谷的黄金瀑布(Gullfoss)。当夜色降临时,我们就将外出,去寻找奇幻而难以捉摸的北极光。当然,请一定记住,能否出行,要根据天气预报和可视度的情况。 另外,也不要忘记,北极光只有在冬季的夜晚才能看见。




● 雷克雅未克免费酒店接车
● 有经验的当地导游
● 景点门票
● 车上免费无线和USB插口
● 车上语音向导,多种语言选择

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Þingvellir is a site of historical, cultural, and geological importance and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. It is a National Park since 1930 and a UNESCO world heritage site, hosting the old Þingvellir parliament. It lies in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.


Geysir, southwestern Iceland is the first geyser described in a printer source and the first known among Europeans. Geysir is in Haukadalur valley, also home to Strokkur geyser. Eruptions at Geysir can be up to 70 metres. Strokkur now erupts every 8-10 minutes from 15-20 metres up to 40 metres high.

The Northern Lights

The bright dancing lights of the aurora are collisions between electrically charged particles from our sun that enter the earth's atmosphere. Auroral displays appear in different colours, usually green and pink. If lucky, you find shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet colours.


Gullfoss is a waterfal that flows from Hvítá glacial river. It plummets down 32 meters into a canyon measuring up to a 70 meters deep. The waterfall's existence is the result of a hard fought legal battle in 1907 by the first Icelandic environmentalist, Sigríður Tómasóttir.


Historically, Almannagjá was a campsite for the people of the Parliament (Alþingi) every summer. Hence the name meaning Everyman's Gorge. Through it runs the Öxará river, cascading down a waterfall forming the infamous Drekkingarhylur, where adulterous women were thrown into the abyss to drown.


Vulcanologists used to class Kerið as an explosion crater. However after deeper research it is now thought to be a large scoria crater. Its red hued caldera is 55 meters deep and 170 meters wide. Kerið was formed around 3,000 years ago.

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"Golden Circle & snowmobile"

Its a "must to do activity" when you visit Iceland. The journey to the mountain with super truck for snowmobiel-ing is incredible. We were really happy and satisfied

- lilianaverwijst, January 2018

"Very well organised"

I would highly recommend these guys to go on tour with. Very well organised. Coaches comfortable. Would use again if I went back to Iceland.

- carol50500, January 2018

"Amazing Experience – Fantastic Guide & Driver"

We added "South Coast Classic" with Reykjavik Sightseeing to fill the time on one of our unplanned days. It turned out to be our best Iceland experience! The tour itself was 11 hours, and we couldn't believe how much we experienced in that time. The black sand beach with basalt columns was especially breathtaking.

- gregmU4960MA, January 2018